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Kite Surf  in Turkey


Kitesurf is an extreme sport that it is strictly recommend to get instructions from one of the kite board centers and get a basic kiteboard course and /or beginner kite surf course.  ( Kite Surf Turkey )

Some people think they can learn kite boarding by themselves but this could be exteremely dangerous or learning kite surf from a friend can take a long time and missing information and skills, compared to certified, professional instructors doing this as a daytime job can show your mistakes and easily make correction on time which will help you to improve fast . Kite Surf Turkey

Kite Surf Turkey

probably a friend would love to spend his time on water for hisself than teaching you so he ll be teaching you briefly and just focusing on your riding, maybe you will be riding well but your safety and theoretical knowledge will be missing.
Contrary to seems it is quite easy sport. As we use harness ( it is a tool you wear like a shorts, or around your belly, it has a hook, you connect your kite to this hook-) we hold power of kite by using our body weight not with arms or hands, we control the kite with hands. This makes this kiteboarding and suitable for young kids, girls or elderly people because you don’t need strong arms but you just need to learn how to control a kite. Kite Surf Turkey

Kite Board Turkey

Usually basic kite courses are around 10 hours, after first basic course most people get the point where you can stand on the board and ride first meters, but it is totally up to you skills how far you ll improve. To be independent kitesurfer you might need to take advance course to improve your riding skills, at least when you ride and come back you should be ending at same point you started. Kite Board Turkey

Usually when you first start you ride on the wind direction and you can not come back to first point you start.   As soon as you reach to a level being independent rider, you can buy your kite and practice on your own. By that time kiteboarding will be already your dream activity and you will start to organise your life to spend more time for kiteboarding. Kite Board Turkey

Kite Board Turkey